Rubber and polyuhretane rubber coatings

We've developed reliable and highly performable products for a variety of uses.

Our coatings have been developed and perfected with the aim of standing the test of time and remaining unaltered in their features. Their formula guarantees a constant level of performance through time.

Moreover, we're able to develop new custom products based on the customer's specific needs.

We offer technical customer service aiming to support the customer's queries over the product's final design and use.

    Every single coating formula aims to rubberize cylindrical rollers with a specific hardness, colour and features, in order to provide perfect rubberized rollers for every customer's individual needs.
    Our polyurethane coatings for cylindrical rollers and wheels are designed for areas where higher levels of mechanical endurance are required. In these cases, this type of manufacture allows us to create nondeformable and resilient coatings.

Metal manufacture

  • We can provide new metal parts, which can be designed from scratch or sampled from pre-existent designs.
    We offer a full repair service for damaged rollers, including the diagnosis and repair of hinges and worn bearing seats.