UntrackCoating for towing machines

This coating was developed to aid in product mobilisation. Its most outstanding feature is its ability to transport goods without them altering its superficial appearance. Its high-level components paired with its precise manufacture guarantee an outstanding resistance to aging and a firm grip. Resistant to oils and fats.

Coating features
Hardness40 - 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 Shore A
Mechanical featuresOutstanding
Resistance to agingExcellent
Heat resistance110°  ongoing


Outstanding features
  • Possibility of creating profiles, from the simplest ones such as the trapezoidal crowning to the more complex and elaborate ones, according to specific needs.
  • Upon request, execution of accessory processes such as grooves and / or lowerings according to specific customer needs.
  • Protection of exposed metal surfaces with antioxidant paint.
Roughness≤ 2,5 μm Ra
Electric conducibility-
Diameter± 0,2 mm
Concentricity≤ 0,1 mm
Roundness≤ 0,1 mm
Hardness± 5 Shore A
Minimum thickness3 mm
Maximum diameter750 mm
Max length6000 mm
Lift capacity3000 kg
Additional processing
  • Parabolic curve
  • Groovings
  • Millings
  • Steps and corners
  • Coating of customized heads
  • Conic profiles, both on conic and cylindrical rollers

During transport and storage it is advisable to keep the covering in the raised position.

  • Removal of the old coating without metal removal
  • Supply of rollers complete with metal parts to customer specification
  • Metal parts repair
  • Supply of specific packaging suitable for the safe transport of the product and the maintenance of its characteristics.
  • Possible customization of the packaging.
Modified date: 02/03/2020

(*)  Dimensions correctly made at our production activity. For any deviation please contact our Technical Office: we will evaluate the feasibility together.